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Failure Analysis of Retired Steam Generator Tubings

Development of Radiation Protection Technology for Application of the Retired Steam Generator, Kori Unit #1

It is a field study to develop and verify maintenance technologies such as verification and technology development of ECT (Eddy Current Test) using  failure, heat tube excavation and field pressure test regarding the utilization of Retired Steam Generator using 2 units of Retired Steam Generator in Kori I that was replaced for the first time in Korea in 1998. Since May, 2003, our team has investigated Retired Steam Generator which was stored in Radioactive waste warehouse in Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Kori unit #1 Branch, in order to study natural fault ECT signal acquisition, maintenance technology verification, small tubes/samples abstraction. A temporal task zone was made focusing on “Man?Way at the bottom of Chamber ‘A’.” The purpose of the study is to establish Radiological Protection and Radioactive Waste Treatment Plan by setting ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) goal systematically, which is the basic concept of Radiological Protection and reduction in exposure of radiological workers to radioactive materials with proper Radiological Protection countermeasures according to the changes in radioactivity, to prevent expansion from contamination and to manage ‘Radioactive Waste Reduction Activities’ effectively.