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Radiation Shielding Calculations of 100MeV...

Radiation Shielding Calculations of 100MeV Proton Beam Bombardment Station for Radioisotope Mass Production Target

Dose equivalent rates in Sv/hr from the radiation shield configuration of target bombardment station for radioisotope production, which is employed 100 MeV protons, are estimated by Monte Carlo simulation. In this study, we consider the rates of photons and neutrons on places, where a worker may be exposed to the radiations during the machine operation near a target room. Designed radiation shielding configuration is calculated with respect to radiation dose rates of photons and neutrons and various shielding materials are used to give the radiation dose rates below acceptable limits. In this model, the proton beam line for the radioisotope production is constructed in tunnel to the production target, which is under the ground. A pathway to the target room is designed having 1.7 meters width for workers possible to access to the machine and to carry the maintenance of the machine. For the radiation shielding, concrete blocks including lead stacked is used 0.8 meters walls from left side of the working space. To ensure the reduction of the radiation dose due to the shielding walls, we divided the pathway into 15 locations for the purpose of visualizing the variations of dose rate.