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Development on the Guide for Dose Assesment

I. Research Title

Development on the guide for dose assessment

Ⅱ. Necessity and objective of the research

Because it is hard to check the location in the nuclear power plant of nonhomogeneous radiation field, personal radiation dose reading can be underestimated in the case of exposure on head and back.
When monitoring radioactivity or doing repair ? fix work, it puts Two dosimeters on chest and head and estimate effective dose rate with a high value out of two in domestic nuclear power plants.
Radiation exposure in a nuclear power plant is appeared variously by the radiation work conditions and characters. So as to evaluate the dose rate of radiation workers exactly, estimate and check direction dependence of the dosimeter. And to begin with the planning of improvement by the application test in the radiation field then it is needed to develope the use guide to have Two dosimeters for dose reading.

Ⅲ. Scope and Content of the Research

This research was accomplished for 3 years from Apr. 1 2002 to Feb. 28 2005 and the purpose of the research is following.

1. Purpose of the research

It is purposed to find the method of evaluating the effective dose rate which use Two dosimeters in a nuclear power plant of high radiation work and to development the use guide of dosimeter.

2. Content of the Research

① Comparison and analysis of the Two dosimeters
② Analysis of the domestic dosimeter
③ Estimation of direction dependence of the dosimeter in the working site
④ Influence of the dosimeter and evaluating the effective dose rate by simulation
⑤ The plan for improving the effective dose rate
⑥ The essential factor, procedure for using Two dosimeters and the development on the guide for evaluating the dose rate